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Change the name of your items anywhere
Sit down, wherever you want
Enchant your tools wherever you go
Automatically combine your items

Personal Bonuses

Claim Enhancements
  • Create unique messages for entering your land claims
  • Create unique messages for leaving your land claims
  • Prevent vines from growing in your claims
  • Prevent leaves from disappearing in your claims
  • Change your nickname every hour (for God+)
  • Use /me every 5 minutes (for Supporters+)
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Access the subscriber only in-game shop
3% Experience Boost
Gain mcMMO exp 3% faster, everywhere
x3 Colored Item Names
Every month, choose any color for 3 different item names
Instant Brewing
Shift + Right-Click a brewing stand, to instantly brew a potion
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12 Months
Save 20%!
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